Moss and algae are something we get a fair amount of questions about from homeowners here in the Nashville area. It makes sense since we live in a fairly humid climate here. This means the chances you will see some sort of “outbreak” on your roof from one or both of these things is pretty good. It isn’t a dire thing to have moss or algae if caught early because it can be easily remedied. We outlined a few things you should know about these threats to your Nashville roof and how to simply avoid it altogether.

What Are Moss and Algae

 It is important to understand that moss and algae are two very different things. They both may occupy the same space, your roof, but they have distinctly different ways in which they affect it. They both migrate to your roof through the transference of spores from wind or animal. And the methods for preventing them are pretty much the same. However, one is much more insidious than the other and could leave your roof exposed to harm–while the other is just an eyesore. But first–how to prevent them both.

 Preventing Algae and Mold Growth

Keeping your Nashville roof free of algae and moss is fairly simple but does take some work on your part and a knowledgeable roofer. There are six main things that will protect your roof from algae and moss.

 The 6 things you can do to keep algae and moss off your roof are

  1. Remove Debris 
  2. Keep your gutters Clean 
  3. Trim The Trees Around Your Roof 
  4. Make Sure Your Roof Is Properly Ventilated 
  5. Use Algae-Resistant Roofing Materials 
  6. Have Regular Roof Inspections

 Why Do I Need To Get Rid Of Algae and Moss on My Roof?

As noted, algae and moss are prevented the same way. But how they affect your Nashville roof is where the two split off. Algae does not cause any physical damage to your roof but is very ugly–leaving dark streaks on the roof surface. This could lower your resale value one day–unless you have it mitigated. Also, algae spores spread fast, so if you see it–it is best to get rid of it right away. If you don’t you could be left with a foul looking roof that needs to be scrapped before trying to sell. The build-up of moss, on the other hand, is much more concerning. This is because moss gets under shingles and pops them off–leaving your roof completely exposed to the elements and deep structural damage. It is for these reasons that both algae and moss need to be dealt with right away.

For more information on algae and moss removal on your Nashville roof, contact us at United Roofing Pros in Nashville today!