Roofing Contractors In Nashville

Whether you need minor leaks fixed on your Nashville home or an entirely new metal roof on your commercial investment, who you hire is as important as which products you decide to use.   High-quality products and reliable roofing partners are the sure-fire ingredients to a long life for your Nashville roof. Equally important are consistent inspections and repairs. Therefore, finding a roofing contractor you know and trust, from a reference or good reviews, is one of the best things you can do for the good of your roof and Nashville home.

Hiring A Trusted Roofing Contractor

After years of experience, here at United Roofing Pros Nashville, we have often found ourselves dealing with fall out of shoddy roofers that came before us.  While there are many reputable roofing contractors, it is the inexperienced ones and/or those who are dishonest, that end up costing home and business owners money.  More money, in fact, than they saved them on their initial bid. Those who cut corners make the business harder for the rest of us who do the job right. Which is why, we at United Roofing Pro Nashville, work so hard to build our relationships with our clients and be forthright.  As it turns out, our keys to being successful are the hallmark of a good contractor. All the more reason to consider us for your Nashville roofing company.

What Quality Contractors Do Right

  1. A reputable roofing contractor will always be insured: They should insurance both in the form of worker’s compensation and liability insurance–to avoid putting you or their workers at risk.  They should also be happy to provide these documents to you upon request. 
  2. A reputable roofing contractor will always give you everything in writing: Whether this for an agreed upon date of completion or the cost of goods and quantity of labor–everything your contractor promises should be in written/contract form. While it is true that sometimes dates and costs change–this should always be met with a sound explanation a written notice or record of an agreement to change.
  3. A reputable roofing contractor has plenty of references and a high BBB rating: If a roofing contractor has reached the level of expertise and is trustworthy, they should have a lot of happy clients to recommend them.  Also, very few, or better yet, no BBB complaints. Good reviews online are an indicator of past performance too.
  4. A reputable roofing contractor should be extremely clear and communicative: If you have to wait a long time for a callback or an estimate of costs before you even sign a contract, you will definitely have the same issues once they get the job.  For this reason, go with a roofing contractor that shows you, from the start, how important your time and job is to them.

How To Find A Trusted Roofing Contractor

As you may have figured out by now–hiring a reputable roofing contractor for any roofing job, commercial or residential is utterly important.  There are a number of ways, both modern (online) and traditional (calling references) to find one. However, starting online is an easy way to get a feel for who is available in your area.  Finding a trusted contractor online is a mix of: 

  1. Google Searches: This helps you figure out which roofing contractors are in your area, which ones are investing in advertising and what type of services and products they offer.  Often times, if a company is investing in search engine results, it springs from being a well-established business.
  2. Review sites like Yelp, Angie’s List, Next Door: These sites are set up to allow users to review roofing contractors. While not every review, good or bad, can be trusted, it can at least give you a clue into whether or not this company is as busy and liked as they say and whether or not there are any serious red flags.
  3. The Better Business Bureau: This site is fair and accurate, therefore can give you a good idea as to any serious infractions they roofing contractor may have had.  This also allows you to see contractor interactions with unhappy or concerned former clients and how they were resolved.

United Roof Pros Nashville: The Area’s Trusted Contractor of Choice

Here at United Roofing Pros Nashville, we understand that our success comes directly from our pleased, long-term customers.  This is something we live by. In addition to this, our years of experience have taught us how to navigate proper and timely roof installation.  We are always happy to meet with you, onsite, in order to give you the most accurate bid we can for your Nashville roofing job. We also do regular roof maintenance for our clients and thorough seasonal roof inspections because many of our clients are life-long.  When you use United Roofing Pros Nashville, you know the job will be done on time and within budget every time–because you are in good hands. Contact us today to schedule a consultation about roof repairs, replacement or inspections that you can trust!

Contact Nashville’s Roofing Experts

We understand that the process of installing new roofing can be overwhelming and you might have many questions. Roofing repair and replacement should not be a headache for the customer. We would be delighted to help you work through this process. Contact us today for a free estimate and let our dedicated team of knowledgeable Nashville roofing professionals show you how seamless the roofing process can be.

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