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Here at United Roofing Pros, we carry the gamut of products for residential and commercial roofing made by industry giant– TAMKO Building Products. This company, whose roots date back decades to their humble beginnings in Joplin, Missouri still provides top-quality products and impeccable customer satisfaction to this day.  Since TAMKO owns and operates several raw materials plants of their own, they have total control over the manufacturing process of their products–and the results are astounding, consistent and always high-quality.

Tamko Heritage Wood Roof Tulsa OK

TAMKO Roofing Options For Nashville

Known for their industry leading roofing product offerings, TAMKO products, are durable and always reliable. TAMKO produces a  variety of products for residential and commercial applications here in Nashville: shingles, cements and coatings, metal, QuickVent ventilation, and Synthetic Guard to name a few.  If appearance is something that matters greatly to you, TAMKO provides a variety of aesthetic options for roofing like bold shingle colors and modern shingle styles included. Their products are a fantastic option for those looking to add beauty and elegance to their home but want it to last a lifetime.

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Tamko Woodgate Antique Roofing Shingle

Recommended TAMKO Products For The Nashville Area

Living in Nashville is wonderful but definitely necessitates durable but beautiful roofing products to match our southern aesthetic and wet weather challenges. We recommend the TAMKO Heritage Laminated Asphalt Shingles for these classic styles and colorings because TAMKO’s shingles come in a variety of distinct and bold colors to suit any Nashville look.  But these shingles are more than just beautiful–they are supremely durable too. They come with a noteworthy warranty too–because for a homeowner there is no such thing as too much peace of mind when it comes to your roof. Also, when you have a premium product offering like TAMKO, installed by a professional roofing contractor, like United Roofing Pros, you get the combination of a beautiful durable roof and world-class treatment as it is installed.

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How to Read Your Roof

TAMKO Roofing For Nashville

As one of the nation’s most prolific roofing manufacturers, TAMKO has been committed from the start to creating captivating roofing products for strong but stunning home roofs.  Roofing that will, in fact, enhance the homes it graces. TAMKO’s extensive catalog of building products sets them apart well apart from their competitors and truly adds instant curb appeal to any home in the Nashville area.

TAMAKO For Stand Out Roofing In Nashville

TAMKO’s beautiful shingle colors are made by use of a proprietary mixture of materials, pigments, granules. All TAMKO Laminated Asphalt Shingles feature this distinctive and breathtaking granule mix, making for unique color drops and deep shadow-tones.  These come together to produce amazingly vibrant color blends–unique to Tamako’s lines of roofing. You will fall in love with the unique colors, deep tones and intense textures working together to showcase the tonality of your roof when you chose TAMAKO’s distinctive granule mix shingles.

Tamko Vintage Charcoal Shingle

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If you live in Nashville or any of the surrounding areas, reach out to us at United Roofing Pros to discuss how TAMKO products will add durability and dimension to your roofing repair or replacement project.  At United Roofing Pros, we are happy to come to your home or commercial job site and provide a free estimate on your upcoming roofing project. Our experienced roofing specialists are always happy to walk you through scheduling a TAMKO product installation for your home or commercial property and/or to review other products in our extensive holdings that may meet your Nashville roofing needs too.  

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